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Innit To Winnit

2011-08-23 09:57:05 by ClungeFlap

Jeremy Clarkson is a rate shag innit


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2011-08-31 14:17:01



2011-08-31 19:52:40

uh ClungeFlap...learn how to spell/type right. and if that's you in the pic you look like your...well with how your hair is it's harder to tell but you look like your 42...and you spell like a 6 year old and have the tolerence of a 3 year old...and that was proven when your agery PM you sent to me when you didn't even know me.


2011-08-31 19:53:04

cause i mean really.lighten up and act your age...i'm 14 i'm acting better then you currently.


2011-09-01 21:21:00

and i responded to your comment on my post.


2011-09-01 21:22:17

also...try solving this PROBLEM:
18(x +9) + 4(PQ - 9) x C(5)=?
or do you want the equasion that not even STEPHEN HAWKING COULDN'T ANSWER WHEN I ASKED HIM IT!??!?!?!

ClungeFlap responds:

18(x +9) + 4(PQ - 9) x C(5)=?

18(x +9) + 4(PQ - 9) x C(5)= (18x + 162 + 4PQ - 36) * 5C

18(x +9) + 4(PQ - 9) x C(5)= (18x + 4PQ + 126) * 5C

18(x +9) + 4(PQ - 9) x C(5)= 90xC + 20CPQ + 630C


Am I doing your homework by any chance?

Also, what is this equation Stephen Hawking could not do?


2011-09-02 17:36:43

that isn't my is the answer:
18(x +9)=162x + 4(PQ - 9) x C(5).
4(PQ - 9)=36PQ x C(5).
162x + 36PQ = 198xPQ x 25C=4950xPQC.
and if you want to know the question stephen hawking couldn't answer then you got to figure out all my question's on my latest post.and actually this is how my question's work: say 8(x + 9)=? you would take 8 x 9=82 then combine the x with the 82 for 82x.that's how this type of algebra work's for how I am useing it.